Graphic Specification

Graphic Specification - Your checklist when building artwork.

  • CMYK Mode? Your graphic must be in CMYK mode. Colors may differ in RGB mode.
  • True Black CMYK Values (see below for more details)
  • Good Resolution? Please use 300dpi images and a document set up of 125DPI or upload as Vector.
  • Right Dimensions? Your file needs to be saved at the correct document size as the template.
  • Preferred File Type - PDF | Acceptable Files - TIFF, JPG, AI, EPS, PSD (flattened)
  • Fonts - Outlined, Images - Embedded
  • Art files need to be print ready with no template lines
  • Please do not use our template spot color names (i.e "Red Template Layer" and "Cutcontour") in your art. Those colors are removed during proofing.

Graphic Service

Price: $65 per hour

Estimated design time will be provided to you prior to start of your project. The following are what we have done for our customer's pop up displays as examples.

Examples and Timeline*

Express 1-2 hours Design
  • Simple layout & Typesetting
  • Vector-based/hi-res graphics
Custom Design (3-4 hours)
  • Layout & Typesetting
  • Simple photo editing (includes cropping & color adjusting)
Custom Design (5-7 hours)
  • Layout & Typesetting
  • Photo editing (includes cropping, color adjusting, & cloning.)
  • Creating vector elements
*Customer must supply as many images, vergiage and vector-based graphis (logo, image, & text) as possible.

PMS Color Match Service

Our printers use CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black combinations) inks and will not always translate PMS (Pantone Matching System®) colors accurately or perfectly.  
This service is strongly recommended for color-critical projects with referenced PMS colors. 
We do not print actual Pantone colors but for this service, we try our best to match as closely as possible with CMYK. 
Quantity 1 of this selection adds a color match for (1) Pantone number for (1) type of material (e.g. PMS 485 on Stretch Fabric). You may choose more if you’d like, but please note that the charge will be per color and material.

If this service is added to your order, a member of our Graphics Department will match your specific PMS color(s) as closely as possible with CMYK after you have approved your digital proofs.

Important Information and Helpful Tips:

  1. Please supply an EDITABLE/LAYERED file. Acceptable file formats are: .PDF, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Please be advised that the color-matching process will add 1-2 business days to your turnaround time.
  3. Please only select Pantone colors from the Color Bridge Coated or Color Bridge Uncoated books. 
  4. To see the CMYK conversion of your PMS color, you can reference the "CP," or Process Coated, swatch in the Pantone Color Bridge Coated color book (e.g. 192 CP). 
  5. We do not match HEX colors, swatch numbers from other books, textures, gradients, pastels, bright neon colors, or metallic colors. 
  6. Color profiles and other production factors vary and change every few months. 
  7. We can color-match all media materials, except for Backlit Fabric and Acrylic Panels

Graphic Tips

1. Color Mode

Your file has to be in CMYK mode. You can go to Image > Mode > CMYK to view the setting.

2. Blacks

With continuous improvement, our requirements for a deep black may change overtime. Currently, this is what we suggest when setting up your print-ready file:
For the following materials: Stretch, Multi-Stretch, and Roll Up
C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100
*This mix 0/0/0/100 of CMYK is unique to our printers and printing process.

For the following materials: Mesh, Scrim, Super flat, Backlit, Tent, PVC, Fence Mesh, Backlit Film, Canvas, Blankets, and Towels
C:75 M:75 Y:75 K:100
*This mix 75/75/75/100 of CMYK is unique to our printers and printing process.

We have adjusted our profile rips for this specific formula and are getting a much better output.

Black comparison and paper release (Stretch, Multi-Stretch, Roll Up, Classic Tent)

True black 0-0-0-100 vs Rich Black 75-75-75-100
Transfer release showing true black vs other blacks and overinking
Ink release from paper

RGB Black to CMYK and True black Photoshop adjustment

RGB blacks convert to a weak CMYK black
Photoshop black adjustment

You may be skeptical about using a mix with 0% C/M/Y. Reasons why we recommend this formula C-0, M-0, Y-0, K-100:

  1. Colors vary from monitor to monitor and it may not appear a deep black on screen. As mentioned, our profile RIPs are adjusted for this specific formula so it is unique to our process.
  2. Better transfer yield: reduces overinking which leads to print defects such as banding, mottling and transfer wrinkles
  3. Automated proofing: less likely to flag your project
  4. Standardizes your black when submitting files to various print houses
  5. Cleaner black vs. muddy black

If you are uncertain of the quality of your images, please call us at 213-283-2484 or email us at

Photoshop Users

Image Resolution

Images should be high resolution 300 DPI.

In Photoshop, you can go to

  1. IMAGE
  3. to find out your file resolution.

Determine Image Quality from Source

  • Low Quality:
  • Screen capture of video frame
  • Low resolution / low quality stock photography
  • Image lifted off a web-page
  • Good Quality:
  • High resolution / high quality stock photography
  • High resolution / high quality scanner

Raster Document DPI Set Up at 125 DPI

While we recommend using 300 DPI images the overall document you are designing in only needs to be 125dpi. We suggest placing or dragging high resolution images into this 125dpi Document and scaling as needed.

Color Mode

Your file has to be in CMYK mode. You can go to Image > Mode > CMYK to view the setting.

If you are uncertain of the quality of your images, please call us at 213-283-2484 or email us at